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15 Delicious Keto Birthday Cakes

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Celebrate in style! This collection of Keto Birthday Cakes has all the flavor and none of the carbs. Whatever your fancy, you simply can’t go wrong with these delicious low carb cakes.


This website and I share a birthday month. We both came into the world in March, albeit about 38 years apart. Nevertheless, I like to celebrate our birthdays together, because All Day I Dream About Food is very special to me.

It’s particularly special because it gave me hope when I thought all was lost. When I was facing down the barrel of diabetes and knowing I had to go low carb for my health, I thought my baking life was over. And since baking was such a huge part of who I was, it felt like my life was over too.

But experimenting with new ingredients, and sharing those experiments here on this website, made it so much more manageable. And it’s still mind-blowing to me that this forum has grown to be one of the most popular low carb and keto recipe sites on the internet, with millions of readers every monty.

I think a slice of cake is in order, don’t you?

How can birthday cake be keto?

When you embark on a keto diet, chances are you think birthday cake, or any cake, is going to be off limits from now on. Not so, my friends, not so.

In fact, I’ve devoted my life’s work to showing the world that there is such a thing as keto cake, keto pie, and keto cookies. And that they can taste just as good and feel just as indulgent as the sugary, carb-laden kind.

Special occasions deserve cake. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, a graduation, or an anniversary, these keto cakes will make them feel just that much more momentous.

Don’t let your birthday go by without celebrating with the perfect keto birthday cake. This tender and moist vanilla cake is frosted with delicious sugar free buttercream making it the ideal dessert for any keto celebrations.

Keto Vanilla Cake on a cake stand with sprinkles all around.
Keto Vanilla Cake Recipe

Looking for the perfect keto vanilla cake? You’ve come to the right place! Tender and moist with plenty of sugar free buttercream, it’s the ideal dessert for birthdays or any keto celebrations.


Keto Vanilla Cake on a cake stand with sprinkles all around.

This is the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made in my life, keto or not. And I am not even sure what to call it. Keto Chocolate Blackout Cake is the best I could come up with. It was the cake I made for my 50th birthday!

A slice of keto chocolate cake on a black plate with a strawberry and a fork.
Keto Chocolate Blackout Cake Recipe

This is hands-down the most decadent keto chocolate cake you will ever make. Filled with creamy chocolate pudding, this low carb cake recipe takes inspiration from the famous Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Definitely worthy of a special occasion!


A slice of dark chocolate keto cake on a black plate on a black table.

I am absolutely over the moon about this keto carrot cake recipe. Simply and utterly obsessed with it and I want to make it over and over again. And that’s high praise from someone who typically chooses chocolate!

A slice of keto carrot cake lying on a white plate with the rest of the cake and a cup of coffee in the background.
Keto Carrot Cake Recipe

This three layer Keto Carrot Cake is a stunner of a low carb dessert. Frosted with the best sugar-free cream cheese frosting, this cake will wow your friends and family. And it’s remarkably easy to make! 


A slice of keto carrot cake on a white plate with a forkful taken out of it and a cup of coffee in the background.

I created this recipe back in the good old days, when keto was hardly a twinkle in people’s eyes. While I was firmly low carb at the time, I hadn’t even heard the word ketogenic. And it certainly wasn’t the wildly popular diet it is now. 

Titled image of keto lemon cream cake with a slice sitting in front of the main cake.
Keto Lemon Cream Cake

This delicious keto lemon cake is a low carb copycat of the famous Olive Garden Lemon Cream Cake. Delicious layers of almond flour cake with a lemony cream filling and a tender crumb garnish. How can you resist?


A slice of keto lemon cake on a white plate with berries on the side and a lemon slice on top.

This Keto Berry Chantilly Cake is completely nut-free. I’d never heard of this cake until a reader requested a keto version. She linked me to a Berry Chantilly Cake on the Whole Foods website. It’s hugely popular and may have its origins in Louisiana.

Keto Chantilly Cake on a white cake plate with berries on top.
Keto Chantilly Cake

Keto Berry Chantilly Cake is a tender vanilla layer cake with fresh berries and a rich chantilly cream frosting. This nut free keto cake is a summer classic!


Top down photo of Berry Chantilly Cake with swirls in the frosting and a garnish of fresh berries.

Some recipes make me do the happy dance. And this keto Italian Cream Cake is one of those recipes. I really am quite excited to share this one as it is one of my most popular cakes ever!

Keto Low Carb Italian Cream Cake Recipe
Low Carb Italian Cream Cake

Classic Italian Cream Cake goes low carb and keto! This rich layer cake is a truly special dessert recipe, and it’s worth the time and effort.


Keto Italian Cream Cake Recipe - a slice of cake on a white plate with the large cake in behind.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carolyn and I have an all-consuming obsession with chocolate and peanut butter. It’s genetic and I’m pretty sure I’ve had this condition since birth. 

A cake lifter lifting a slice of keto peanut butter layer cake away from the rest of the cake.
Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

This Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake is over-the-top delicious. Three layers of tender low carb chocolate cake with sugar-free peanut butter frosting and a rich chocolate glaze. It’s a peanut butter lover’s dream!


Chocolate peanut butter layer cake on a white cake stand with a slice cut out of it.

You can’t really go wrong with a custard-filled cake topped with luscious chocolate ganache. Now that I’ve made my own keto version, it’s quite shocking I never did it before.

Low Carb Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie gets a keto makeover! I recently updated this low carb recipe and now it’s even better than before, with fewer carbs. Tender almond flour cake filled with sugar free vanilla pastry cream and a rich low carb chocolate glaze. 


Close up of chocolate ganache dripping down the sides of a Boston Cream Pie

There are some recipes that just make me absolutely jump for joy. And this caramel cake is one of those recipes. It will make you jump for joy too, when you taste it. Two layers of the most tender low carb vanilla cake with a rich glaze of sugar free caramel. Really, this is keto dessert heaven.

Sugar Free Caramel Cake slice on a white plate with a strawberry
Keto Caramel Cake

Love at first bite with this keto caramel cake. Your tastebuds will dance for joy and you won’t believe it’s low carb and sugar free! Tender almond flour vanilla cake with a rich caramel glaze. 


A slice of keto caramel cake a white plate with two strawberries

If you are looking for an elegant keto cake, you are going to love this Keto Victoria Sponge Cake. Made with almond flour, this low carb sponge cake includes a layer of keto clotted cream and sugar free raspberry jam. Perfect for tea time or any time!

Victoria Sponge Cake

The classic and elegant Victoria Sponge Cake gets a low carb, gluten-free makeover. This healthy dessert is a must-make.


Low Carb Victoria Sponge with Clotted Cream and Raspberry Jam

Nothing brings me more joy than creating keto desserts that rival those made with sugar and flour. And this Chocolate Kahlua Cake is a prime example of this little obsession of mine. 

Close up shot of keto chocolate kahlua cake on a white plate with a cup of espresso in the background.
Keto Chocolate Kahlua Cake on a white cake stand.

I first created this delicious keto lemon blueberry layer cake in the summer of 2015. It’s such a summertime classic, I decided it needed an update. It now has the same great flavor and is even lower in carbs.

Keto Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Cake

Celebrate summer’s bounty with this delicious Keto Blueberry Zucchini Cake with Lemon Frosting. It brings so many delicious flavors together in one sugar-free dessert! 


A slice of lemon blueberry zucchini later cake on a white plate with a vase of yellow flowers in the background.

I recently decided to tackle the classic Devil’s Food, that deep dark chocolatey cake, and make it over to be keto friendly. You are going to be SO glad I did!

Titled image of keto devil's food cake on a white cake plate, with a slice cut out of it
Devil’s Food Cake – Keto and Sugar-Free

You can’t go wrong with a classic like Devil’s Food Cake, especially when it’s low carb. Tender, rich keto chocolate cake with a fluffy sugar free vanilla frosting.


Close up shot of a fork digging into a piece of keto chocolate cake with vanilla frosting

You will be in strawberry heaven with these fluffy Keto Strawberry Cupcakes. Strawberries are not only baked into the delicious cupcakes, but also packed in the creamy sugar free strawberry frosting. Top with a fresh strawberry and you will be grinning from ear to ear enjoying these beauties.

A low carb strawberry cupcake on a pink cupcake stand in front of some fresh berries.
Keto Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Tender and fluffy, these Keto Strawberry Cupcakes taste absolutely heavenly. They are filled with fresh berries and topped with a creamy sugar free strawberry frosting. Bursting with summer flavor!


Keto Strawberry Cupcakes on a pink table.

You will not believe that these chocolate cupcakes are low carb and nut free. Made with coconut flour, these keto chocolate cupcakes are fluffy and full of chocolate flavor. And only 3.1 net carbs per cupcake!

Three keto cupcakes on a white plate over a blue patterned napkin.
Keto Cupcakes Recipe

These chocolate keto cupcakes are going to blow your mind. You won’t believe that anything made with coconut flour can be this tender and delicious. Perfect with your favorite sugar-free frosting!


A single chocolate keto cupcake on a white cupcake stand with sugar free chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top.



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