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15 Easy Ways to Enjoy Christmas in Your Motorhome or Camper

Looking for quick and easy ways to make your motorhome, campervan or caravan feel festive for the Christmas season? Here are some great ideas for you!

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Christmas in a motorhome

Last Christmas, as I was driving down the M5 to Devon, I heard a weird noise in my motorhome.

Not a normal weird noise like a squeak or a knocking or a rattle- the van makes plenty of those if I don’t pack it properly. This was more of a… whistling sort of sound. One I’d not heard before.

I pulled over at the next rest area and had a good look around the van to see if I could figure it out. Was it coming from a vent hole, or did I leave one of the hatches open (not for the first time!)

One of the huge drawbacks to travelling solo in a van is not having anyone to listen to ‘weird noises’ whilst I concentrate on driving. And, of course, when I stop driving the weird noises stop.

So I didn’t find the cause of the problem until I left the van to use the services… and realised I’d left my Christmas wreath hanging on the outside of the habitation door! It had been clinging on at 65mph by a piece of fraying string- I was amazed it was still there to be honest!

The motorhome wreath before it’s trip down the motorway!

Sadly, it was a little misshapen and the lights had stopped working, so I can’t say it survived the trip.

And it looks like I definitely need to add a new thing to my pre-trip departure checklist- unhook Christmas wreath!

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Tips for Christmas vanlife decor

I do love decorating the van for Christmas. I have a mini Christmas tree, a lovely garland with lights for over the cab and festive bedding and cushion covers for an instant update. I also have more lights and baubles to make the entire area feel festive and cosy.

However, if you are going to decorate your van, here are a few tips for you:

  • Remember to remove anything outside before you drive off!
  • Make sure things are secured down or packed away so they don’t move and distract you whilst driving or become an additional danger if you have an accident
  • Don’t block your vision while driving with decorations or window stickers
  • Remember your motorhome payload– don’t overdo it with festive cheer!
  • If you want to use candles or wax melts (I love them), don’t go to sleep with a lit candle and don’t drive with one either.
  • Remember your power constraints. Battery powered lights will work anywhere, whereas things that require mains can only be used when plugged in at a campsite (be sure not to trip the site!)
Decorate the cab section with a garland and lights

How to make a motorhome or campervan ‘Christmassy’

I love making any space I’m in Christmassy and living in the motorhome is no different. Of course, you need to be careful how much and what you buy.

There are a loads of ways to make a small space feel festive. But there are a few additional considerations when you’re decorating a van.

Get a Mini Christmas Tree

Opt for a small, tabletop Christmas tree that won’t take up much space. Decorate it with lightweight ornaments and LED lights.

String Fairy Lights

Hang battery-operated, USB powered and solar-powered fairy lights inside and/or outside the motorhome for a winter wonderland atmosphere.

Battery Powered

USB Powered

Solar Powered

Scented Candles or wax burners

Nothing beats a Christmassy smell. I’m addicted to wax melts – I love how easy it is to change scents (Cinnamon and Gingerbread are my festive holiday favourites), but candles are a good idea too. Just don’t leave them burning overnight or if you leave the van.

If you want a cosy feel without flames, try a Christmas-scented diffuser, pot-pourri or a battery-operated candle.

Christmas decor ideas for vanlife- Festive Wreaths

Hanging small, lightweight wreaths on cabinet doors or handles will bring a festive vibe to the interior. You can also add them over the habitation door- but remember my sad story from above!

Festive motorhome Bedding or throws

Swapping your standard bedding for Christmas or winter-themed sheets, pillowcases or blankets will add a touch of Christmas to your camper sleeping area.

Christmas in my motorhome

Throw Cushions

I swap the cushion covers in my van for Christmassy ones. It makes an instant difference to the space and makes everything feel more cosy.

Decorate the Dashboard of your motorhome or camper

Place small holiday decorations on the dashboard, such as mini figurines, a holiday-themed air freshener, or a Merry Christmas sign. Just don’t drive with anything which could move and distract you or cause obstacles while driving.

Festive Rugs or Mats for the camper

Place a holiday-themed rug or doormat down to add a touch of Christmas to the floor of your van.

Miniature Decorations

Use lightweight and small decorations like mini ornaments and tiny stockings to decorate shelves and surfaces- but remember to secure them well or pack them away before you drive!

Candles in Holders

Safely use battery-operated candles in festive holders to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your motorhome.

Festive Garlands for vanlife

Drape holiday garlands along the edges of your cab or cupboards for an added festive touch.

DIY Christmas Cards Display

Create a display of Christmas cards you receive from friends and family. You can use a string with clips or secure them with tape to your walls.

Holiday-Themed Kitchenware for vanlife

Use Christmas-themed dishes, mugs, and teatowels to bring holiday spirit to the kitchen area in your motorhome.

Exterior Decorations for your motorhome

If you’re staying in one place for a while, consider adding outdoor decorations like lights, a wreath or even a small inflatable Santa! Just be aware of any campsite electricity restrictions for you don’t blow the fuse!

Faux Snow or Blanket Snow

Create a winter wonderland inside by placing faux snow or a white blanket on surfaces to mimic snow-covered landscapes.

Advent Calendar

Hang a small advent calendar near the entrance or in a visible area to count down the days until Christmas.

Final tips for Christmas in a motorhome

Remember to choose decorations that are secure and won’t shift while the motorhome is on the move and prioritise lightweight and compact decorations so they don’t take up too much space.

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