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5 Back to School Health Tips to Keep Kids Feeling Healthy & Energized • Nature’s Emporium

A child and their parent packing a school lunch into a food storage container.

Keep their brains sharp for school by providing your children with the proper nutrients they need to learn.

Eating well means living better. Now this one seems obvious, right? But we can’t stress it enough. Eating the right way for your child to be healthy and happy is critical. School performance, energy levels, and immunity are all improved with a well-balanced diet that includes carbs, protein, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and veggies.

Eating various colourful fruit and vegetables (or “eating the rainbow”) ensures your child gets enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. Encourage your child to try new foods, and challenge them to try a different colour vegetable daily. In addition to fruits and vegetables, eating a sufficient amount of protein and a few healthy fats will help keep your child feeling full and energized throughout the school day.

Make your kids a well-balanced breakfast and pack them a nutritious lunch to keep their brains going and bodies moving! And if you’re running short on time, pick up a few of our freshly prepared grab-n-go sandwiches, wraps, or salads for their next lunch. All of our grab-and-go items are prepared fresh in-house with organic vegetables!



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