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Best Things To Do In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best Things to Do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn During the Day

Exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during the day offers a myriad of delightful experiences, with each activity encapsulating the unique charm of this vibrant neighborhood. If you’re planning on exploring this vibrant and colorful destinations, check out all these fantastic recommendations of places to explore and delicious food venues to try.

Try a Tasty Brunch in Williamsburg

#1 Try a Tasty Brunch

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is the perfect destination for brunch enthusiasts, offering a variety of exceptional locations to indulge in this beloved meal. Among the top picks for a delectable brunch experience are Sunday in Brooklyn and Reunion.

Sunday in Brooklyn Williamsburg

Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn is more than just a brunch spot; it’s an experience. Known for its delightful winter and holiday pop-up, Snowday in Brooklyn, this venue exudes a sense of openness and brightness.

In the summer, guests are treated to the beauty of their rooftop garden, an idyllic spot for dining under the sky. During winter, the ambiance shifts to cozy warmth with wood-burning stoves in every dining area.

Their menu features some of the best pancakes in NYC, making it a must-visit for pancake lovers.


Reunion offers an intriguing array of exquisite and innovative dishes that redefine the brunch experience. The ambiance here is cozy and inviting, with a rustic charm that’s perfect for a leisurely brunch.

Their bar serves delicious cocktails, including a famous Bloody Mary with smoked tomato, adding a unique twist to the brunch classics. Both these locations provide a delightful brunch experience that encapsulates the culinary diversity and creativity of Williamsburg.


Egg has firmly established itself as a go-to brunch spot in Williamsburg. Renowned for its commitment to locally sourced, organic ingredients, Egg serves up classic American breakfast and brunch dishes with a focus on freshness and quality.

The restaurant has a simple, yet warm and welcoming ambiance, making it an ideal place for both leisurely weekend brunches and weekday breakfast meetings. Their menu features standouts like the country ham biscuit, eggs Rothko, and their Southern-style grits.

For those who appreciate a brunch that combines traditional flavors with a commitment to sustainability, Egg is a must-visit destination in Williamsburg.

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McCarren Park in Williamsburg

#2 McCarren Park

McCarren Park, a verdant oasis spanning 35 acres in Williamsburg, offers a delightful escape for locals and visitors. This sprawling park is equipped with basketball courts and baseball fields, making it a hotspot for engaging pickup games.

Its barbecue areas are perfect for hosting gatherings, allowing family and friends to enjoy a day of fun and food in the open air. Throughout the year, McCarren Park is alive with various events, including the Renegade Craft Fair and Movies in the Park, providing entertainment for all ages.

These fun-filled activities, set in the park’s expansive and welcoming environment, create a perfect backdrop for a day out in Williamsburg.

Hit Up Some Cool Neighborhood Coffee Shops in Williamsburg

#3 Hit Up Some Cool Neighborhood Coffee Shops

Exploring the coffee scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is an adventure in itself. Upstate Stock stands out with its signature lattes, especially the Campfire Latte, a unique concoction infused with smoked maple syrup.

Devoción offers a fresh and genuine coffee experience, focusing on high-quality, direct-trade beans. Qahwah House invites guests into the world of rich Middle Eastern coffee traditions. Partners Coffee impresses with its artisanal approach and carefully crafted blends.

Oslo provides a Scandinavian twist to the coffee experience, and Hungry Ghost is the go-to for those seeking a warm, inviting atmosphere coupled with expertly brewed coffee. Each of these establishments contributes to the rich tapestry of Williamsburg’s dynamic coffee culture.

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 Do Some Shopping at Artists & Fleas

#4 Do Some Shopping at Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg is a shopper’s paradise, offering a trendy marketplace experience unlike any other. Nestled at 70 North 7th Street, this bustling hub is home to over 75 sellers, showcasing a wide array of goods ranging from fashion and design to vintage items and art.

Renowned for its exceptional reputation, the market attracts not only locals but also international buyers, all seeking unique finds.

The marketplace is easily accessible, making it a convenient and irresistible destination for those looking to explore the creative and diverse shopping scene that Williamsburg is celebrated for.

#5 Grab Beer and Tour the Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery, a true original in the city’s craft beer scene, is a must-visit destination in Williamsburg. Established in 1988, it stands as one of New York’s pioneering craft breweries, emerging soon after the end of prohibition.

The brewery boasts a diverse tap list featuring everything from beloved classics to bold, innovative brews. Visitors can enjoy the welcoming tasting area, complete with a variety of games for added entertainment.

As evening falls, the ambiance shifts, offering a more adult-focused experience. For those interested in the brewing process and the brewery’s history, guided tours are available. This iconic spot is perfect for beer aficionados and friends looking for a relaxed and enjoyable outing.

Get Crafty at The Painting Lounge

#6 Get Crafty at The Painting Lounge

The Painting Lounge in Williamsburg is a BYOB paint spot that offers a unique combination of artistic expression and fun. Here, you can indulge in the joy of painting in a relaxed and spirited ambiance.

The process is made approachable for all skill levels, as participants first trace the outline of a picture using carbon paper, ensuring an accurate and foolproof transfer of the image.

This creative and social experience is perfect for those looking to explore their artistic side in a laid-back, welcoming environment.

#7 Visit the City Reliquary Museum

Founded in 2002 by Dave and Jane Nilson, The City Reliquary is a testament to the power of ordinary things. The museum is a fascinating array of items that tell the stories of New York City’s past and present. From vintage subway tokens and postcards to architectural fragments and quirky street finds, each object offers a glimpse into the city’s vibrant culture and ever-evolving landscape.

General admission is $10 and is free for children 12 and under. Immerse yourself in a unique collection of everyday objects, the interactive exhibits, and also the cultural events and programs that take place throughout the year.

Best Things to Do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn At Night

Best Things to Do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn At Night

Exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at night reveals a whole new world of entertainment and leisure, particularly when it comes to its rooftop bars, each offering a unique experience with stunning views of the city:

#8 Watch a Movie at Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, established in 2011, offers a unique movie-watching experience. This premier dine-in theater features a full-service bar, allowing guests to enjoy a refreshing beer or other beverages and food items delivered right to their seat.

Known for hosting exclusive screenings, Nitehawk Cinema presents a selection of timeless classics, offering a blend of nostalgia and contemporary cinematic experiences.

This venue is perfect for those seeking an enhanced and comfortable movie-going experience, combining the joys of cinema with the convenience of in-seat dining.

#9 Enjoy Bowling and Beer at The Gutter

The Gutter in Williamsburg is a traditional bowling alley that offers a charming blend of old-school lanes and a laid-back vibe. With only eight lanes, it provides an intimate bowling experience.

The spacious bar area enhances the relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy refreshing beverages, engage in entertaining board games, and indulge in a variety of delectable bar snacks.

This 21+ establishment is the ideal place for adults looking for a casual yet fun night out, combining the timeless joy of bowling with the comforts of a well-stocked bar.

#10 Games and Drinks at Barcade

Barcade in Williamsburg is a unique fusion of a bar and an arcade, offering a nostalgic and fun-filled experience. This establishment features vintage arcade games and pinball machines, each equipped with convenient cup holders so guests can enjoy their drinks while playing.

The bar boasts an impressive variety of beers on tap, catering to all tastes. Adding to its allure, there are intriguing rumors about the location being haunted, which only enhances its mystique.

Barcade is the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy classic games, great drinks, and a lively atmosphere in Williamsburg.

#11 Enjoy Karaoke and Free Pizza at Alligator Lounge

Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg offers a unique and enjoyable night out with its karaoke and free pizza offer. With every drink order, guests are treated to a complimentary personal pizza topped with cheese.

For those wanting a little extra, additional toppings are available for just a dollar each.

This cozy spot provides a fun atmosphere where you can sing your heart out, enjoy tasty pizza, and sip on reasonably priced drinks, making it a popular choice for a relaxed and entertaining evening in the neighborhood.

#12 Check Out a Rooftop Bar

  • Water Tower Bar: Among the more unique rooftop bars in Williamsburg, the Water Tower Bar stands out for its distinct location within a water tower. This steel and glass-encased bar offers a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the allure of its unique architecture with stunning views and a great selection of beverages.

Each of these rooftop bars provides a different perspective of Williamsburg and New York City, making them perfect destinations for those looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife from above.

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