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Discovering Sardinia – A Luxury Travel Blog

The island of Sardinia is an unexplored treasure, with over two thousand kilometers of breathtaking coastline, and numerous ancient archaeological sites which are ready to be explored. Sardinia is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea near the French island of Corsica. It has been described by renowned travel magazines such as CondéNast Traveller as one of the most beautiful and pristine islands off the Italian coast and should not be missed on your bucket list to be discovered. It is rich in history, traditional pasta and bread making, houses painted in many different colours, plus an untouched nature and turquoise sea. In addition to that, there’s also the famous Costa Smeralda where tourists spend their summers staying in luxury hotels or private villas. There are also glamorous beach clubs where the rich hang out and private charter yachts fill up at the marinas during the summer season.

Just a brief boat ride­ away you’ll find the “La Maddalena Archipelago”, pre­served as a UNESCO World He­ritage Site. It includes the­ unique Budelli island, offering its re­nowned natural “pink beach”, alongside a ple­thora of captivating places such as Spargi and others. Notable localities like the riverside­ town of Bosa with its vibrant homes and the city of Alghero are­ among the must-see spots. The­se sites are me­rely a taste of the nume­rous wonders that await to astonish you during your visit to Sardinia.

Let’s embark on a journey through Sardinia’s rich history, vibrant local traditions, and breathtaking coastlines that make it an absolute must-visit destination in the Mediterranean.


The history of Sardinia began many centuries ago; since then the island has been shaped by various groups such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and others. There are many historical testimonies scattered all over the island. Su Nurax and numerous other sites represent ancient relics where people once lived, belonging to a mysterious population known as the Nuragic civilization. Many questions about these stone buildings, which were erected many years ago, have remained unanswered to this day. Historians are still discovering many ancient archaeological sites today, and many questions about how they lived remain unanswered. In many ways, Sardinia offers a varied past for those interested in history.

The island of Sardinia has a flag known as the “Four Moors” or “Quattro Mori”. It was first used in the 14th century. The flag shows a red cross on a white background with the heads of the Moors at each corner. This means that the Moors were defeated during Aragonese-Spanish rule in the 11th century. They were defeated in the 11th century. The Moors are depicted blindfolded to indicate the intention to destroy the Saracen invaders by defeating them, although this happened during their rule between the tenth and eleventh centuries AD. The flag not only shows the victory over external threats, but also the identity and power of the island. Over the years, the design of the flag has changed, but today’s 18th century flag is a symbol of pride in Sardinian history and tradition.

Eleonora of Arborea (Sardinian: Elianora de Arbarée d’Arborea) was a very influential personality. She was one of the last judges to rule over the Cathedral of Arborea, located on the island of Sardinia. She is one of the most famous princesses of Sardinia. Elianora’s influence on Sardinia is still present in public memory today. She played an important role in Sardinian history.

Costa Smeralda coast

If you enjoy luxurious living filled with luxury then the “Costa Smeralda” is the place to be. This part of the Sardinian coast is famous for its beach clubs and a peculiar kind of high-end entertainment, but also it tranquillity of the island.  The white sandy beaches, expensive hotels and the world’s most prestigious yachting area has made it a favourite spot for celebrities and jet setters. Wealthy individuals and famous people prefer Costa Smeralda because of crystal clear sea, golden sand beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, keep in mind that other parts of the island are also rich in history apart from this famous coastline and tranquillity.

An unforgettable experience awaits you on the Costa Smeralda, whether you want to mingle with stars in Porto Cervo or simply admire the tranquility nature of Marinella beach. Nevertheless we recommend that you see this beautiful island by boat, especially aboard a luxury yacht or luxury gulet cruise. Why not explore the island via boat and start sailing to explore hidden coves beauty coast line and many small islands surrounding the main one. Let’s go on your bespoke boat holiday, with knowledgeable crew to explore the islands at your own pace.

Experience some of the most incredible sights in Sardinia.

Archipelago della Maddalena

La Maddalena is a charming little village with streets lined with colorful houses. It is possible to visit hidden coves and secret beaches of Caprera, rich in natural wonders, by taking a private gulet cruise to the island where Italy’s national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi is buried. Giuseppe Garibaldi was an influential figure who led Italy to unification in the 19th century; his leadership and military prowess were unmissable during this process. He played a role in the liberation of Sicily and southern Italy, which led to the establishment of the modern Italian nation state as we know it today. Explore the wonders of the archipelago and discover the seven other islands and their beauty and natural wonders.

Taste of Sardinia

This beautiful island of Sardinia is indeed a pleasurable journey, every sip and every bite offers something special. This is why Sardinia was named the best destination by luxury travel magazines – for its unexplored coastline of beaches, rugged landscapes and culinary diversity that tantalises the taste buds. Sardinia is also known for its fine wines, such as the Vermentino white wine, which is one of the best in Europe and the world. Try the homemade Caresau bread or their fresh pasta Culurgiones, a Sardinian pasta specialty.

The culinary delights of Sardinia extend far beyond the coast. Many excellent wineries have won awards for their Vermentino and Cannonau wines. Discover hidden bays and tranquil beaches on your luxury cruise through the clear waters of the Mediterranean. When you embark on a luxury cruise to Sardinia, you will find that this Mediterranean paradise with its 360-degree sea views offers an exceptional blend of the finest food and wine against a remarkably enchanting backdrop.

Sardinia invites you to an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure that combines history, beauty and rich traditions. Whether you prefer the glamour of the Costa Smeralda, the tranquilly of La Maddalena or the timeless charm of Bosa, this Italian island offers an unforgettable experience full of enchanting discoveries and lasting memories. Sardinia beckons as the ultimate European island escape.

Giorgio Lindegg

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