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Epic Bus Tours New Zealand

Picture this: stunning landscapes, adrenaline-fueled activities, and heaps of great memories just waiting to be made. That’s the #StrayWay, where we’re all about living life to the fullest, getting off the beaten track, and embracing the thrill of the unknown.

Te Puia Geyser by night

We believe you shouldn’t settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary. With Stray, you’re not a tourist; we believe you’re an explorer. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls, exploring ancient forests, engaging in a local community event, or just soaking up the good vibes of a beach, we’ve got the rarest and best experiences lined up for you.

Check out the lineup of epic New Zealand bus tours here


Remember the days of scrolling endlessly, trying to find the perfect travel itinerary? Yeah, those days are gone like Twitter. Let’s face it, post Covid and the realisation that we all want to explore the world more sustainably, travel’s gone through a major glow-up.

With this in mind, Stray crafted one-of-a-kind tours that are safe, hassle-free, and jam-filled with incredible experiences. That is why our tours win the awards!

So, what’s the deal with our two tour styles? Let’s break it down:


ADVENTURE Tour Experiences:

Think of our New Zealand ADVENTURE tours as your backstage pass to loads of the coolest experiences in Aotearoa. The keyword for this style tour is MORE. We’re talking about non-stop fun, epic thrills, and making friends that feel like fam. There is nothing ordinary about this bus tour! From crashing in shared dorm-style accommodations to hitting up the hottest spots around, our ADVENTURE Tours are the ultimate blend of wanderlust vibes and heaps of excitement.


Your Kiwi ADVENTURE will be next level. Get ready for jaw-dropping sights like the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Hot Water Beach and so much more. It’s time to turn those “Did that really just happen?” moments into your new normal.

Kawarau Bridge – home of the bungy jump!
Kawarau Bridge – home of the bungy jump!



Need a little luxury with your adventure but still want to experience that Stray spirit? Our SELECT Tours have got you covered. Kick back in comfort and style at 3–4-star accommodations after a day of living your best life. We’re talking about soaking in the views, exploring highlights and those lesser-known hidden gems, and vibing with your travel mates in a truly legendary way.


Choose your type of adventure from our original Select Tours  to our new Adventure Tours!


Zero Stress, Max Fun

We’re flipping the script on travel stress and making your life a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun. Picture this: seamless, stress-free escorted New Zealand coach tours across the North Island, South Island, or both!


Why bother with all the hassle of planning when you can tap into our award-winning tours and roll with like-minded people? Ditch the stress and embrace the zest -that’s the #strayway

Happy Stray travellers eating icecream
Meet amazing people, create friendships that last a lifetime

All of our epic New Zealand bus tours offer:


  • Itineraries that know your needs -. We understand that when travelling you may want the best of both worlds. Need a little structure? We got you. Want some freedom to do your own thing? No problem. It’s all about finding that perfect balance, baby.


  • Life Changing Experiences – Really life-changing? Well yes! So many of the adventures and experiences you will remember forever from the adrenalin rush to the soul-nourishing beauty of a place or the way you felt engaging with a local community.


  • Comfy Coaches – forget those cramped buses, board our exclusive rides. We’re talking style, comfort, and big windows for viewing and vibing for days.


  • Handpicked Stays – We’ve scoped and chosen some seriously dreamy spots for you to crash. Think of cozy vibes, and epic views – sleep is important so you can have more fun the next day.


  • Foodie Vibes – Get ready to feast. We’re talking breakfasts and some other tasty treats included in the mix. Because let’s be real, good food is the key to a happy heart.


  • The Peeps – And let’s not forget about the crew. That’s why we believe small groups are the only way to travel. Because let’s face it, the best memories are made with the best people. Our escorted coach tours are all about giving you a New Zealand holiday that is Instagramable, and incredible, and making you come back for more.


Say goodbye to standard tours and Kia Ora to a whole new world of adventure. We’re not just talking about ticking boxes on your bucket list; we’re talking about living your best life and creating stories that’ll have your friends shaken. Time to turn up the volume live life out loud and trade FOMO for YOLO.

Epic New Zealand Tours

Explore New Zealand the #StrayWay: off-the-grid, rich in unique experiences, and shared with fellow adventurers.


Now, choose your type of adventure from our original Select Tours  to our new Adventure Tours!



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