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Friday Favorites and UNfavorite! – The Hungry Runner Girl

A rainy morning run with the girls.

IMG 5112

Banana muffin baking with Beck.

IMG 5126

Another incredibly easy TJ’s meal:

IMG 5132

It’s not Alison Romano, ha, but it was really good.

IMG 5134

My sister put up shelves and dishes (that she found at the thrift store) in my kitchen, and I’m in love.  Now, I need to add a few canisters underneath them.

Jumping into the favorites for the week:

*adidas is having some major sales right now.  You can get up to 60% off full-price and sale here with code SAVEBIG, and they also have their Mid-Season Sale up to 50% off HERE.

*I’m pretty particular about a few things in this life.  Decisions regarding my children, running gear, and my lip gloss.  These are all matters to not be exaggerated or to ever lead someone astray.  When my friend put this one on (it looked amazing) and raved about this lip gloss, I went to Sephora the next morning.  I’ve been using it every day.  It feels so good on, and I love the color.

IMG 4780

*And this is what I’m currently obsessed with (trek) when we go out on a date, to church, etc. And this one takes third place on my list (color: unbuttoned) HERE.

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*The long-sleeve Amazon Skims dupe is also a complete winner.  It feels like butter on your skin (in a good way… not like hot melted butter or something).

IMG 4716

*Clearly, I am so very into dupes right now, and this one is incredible.  It is just like the cropped scuba-zipped hoodie.  I don’t think I could tell a difference besides the lack of a logo and it’s  1/3rd the price.   I love it with the lululemon cargo pants and skims dupe t-shirt.

IMG 4982

*I am a bit embarrassed about this one because I should have known this sooner for how many audiobooks I go through.   Did you know if you have a premium Spotify account (which we have had for years) that, this subscription includes a ridiculous amount of audiobooks, too? It comes with 15 hours of audiobooks a month (I wish it were triple that, ha), but at least I know now that I have 15 hours on there to enjoy at no extra cost.  I also just got the Libby app, so I’m in heaven.

*I won’t name any names, but I was told I should try these.  What a fun way to get in some protein and some sweets at the same time… I took a bite.  I gave it a reasonable effort but spit it out as quickly as possible.  I would instead make a pop tart sandwich (with real pop tarts) with beef jerky in the middle to get in some protein with my pop tart than these.

IMG 5045


Do you have any favorites or unfavorites this week?!

Any foods that someone recommended to you and it just wasnt for you?

Any fun weekend plans??  Run plans?

Have a favorite lip gloss?



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