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Hannukah Latkes – FRAN COSTIGAN

If you make Hannukah Latkes, you know it’s time to get started now. While technically, it’s still Thanksgiving weekend,  the Festival of Lights begins at sundown.  Well, as I am vegan, I make my Hanukkah Latkes vegan. If you want to do that too, for any and all reasons, you’ll find out how in this blog. And, you might even be thinking about the tradition of eating the fried jelly-filed donuts. These are known as Sufganiyot. I’ve added a link to my baked donuts in this blog as well.

Traditionally, Hannukah Latkes (grated potato pancakes) are fried in quantities of oil, as are the jelly-filed donuts known as Sufganiyot. As the story goes, a small quantity of oil to light the Temple’s menorah miraculously lasted eight days.

I am re-sharing the excellent Vegan Hannukah Latke recipe (with tips) from my friend Lynn Buono, co-owner of Feast Your Eyes Catering.  Lynn and I had collaborated on the best way to replace the egg in Latkes and settled on Flax Gel. Hers taste just like the ones my Grandma Ida used to make for the whole family, well, honestly Chef Lynn’s are crispier and the adult me prefers hers. Now, you don’t have to be Jewish to love Hannukah Potato Latkes. Today there are creative riffs on Latkes, sweet potato, other root vegetables and herbs too. While they are tasty, I still like mine made traditionally, but without the egg. The egg is really there just to bind and it’s not difficult to replace it.
Then the Hanukkah Latkes become Vegan Hannukkah Latkes. Read Lynn’s tips on choosing the right potato and how to prep it too.

You can find the recipe and lots of tips for making crispy delicious Hannukah Latkes right here: 

I’d really like to know about your favorite traditional holiday foods and traditions. Please comment and post photos and tag me so I can find you.

Happy Hannukah to all who celebrate, with or without eating Hannukah Latkes.

Note to self:  don’t forget the Baked Jelly Donuts.

Happy holidays dear readers. It seems to me that before we know it, Christmas and New Years will be here.  Be safe please, and thank you for the support.




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