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Hard Ride in the Rain – BionicOldGuy

Today was a hard riding day on my schedule, supposed to be 3 hours 30 minutes. I ended up cutting it short to 2 hours 35 minutes because the rain was much harder and steady than forecast and my raingear was starting to soak through. I headed up Monterey highway to Coyote ranch road which allowed me to join the Coyote Creek trail north of where it is flooded, then I rode up to Blossom Hill road and turned around. On the way back I detoured around the flood by going up and over the big hill on Malech road. I stopped for a nature break at the Anderson visitor’s center and it was there I decided I didn’t want to continue to get soaked for another hour so headed home. I threw in some sprints and my on-bike strength training when I got closer to home. It was actually not that bad riding in the rain, my raingear held up well.

The only part I didn’t like was when it was raining harder and getting blown in my face which can sting a bit. I have two solutions for this, neither of which is perfect. The first is to wear a full face shield instead of just glasses, but that can fog up and also get covered with droplets. The second is to wear a Balaclava, but that can make me overheat if it is not too cold of a day.

Ride posted on Strava here.

Anderson Visitor’s center in the rain



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