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HealthSherpa continues to be the largest private channel for ACA enrollments in the US, insuring over 5 million people for 2023 and growing more than 50% year over year – HealthSherpa Blog

HealthSherpa has enrolled more than 5 million people to date in Plan Year 2023 coverage and enrolled about HALF of all new Affordable Care Act enrollees in Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) states during Open Enrollment. HealthSherpa now accounts for 35% of all FFM enrollments and volume grew more than 50% year over year, far outpacing the ACA Marketplace as a whole which grew only 13% (1)

HealthSherpa’s strong local agent network is able to scalably bring in new enrollees. 35% of HealthSherpa enrollees were new to the Marketplace, nearly double the rate for (19%) and more than 2x the rate for State Based Marketplaces (15%) (2). Even better, most people found a plan for $3/month or less (88% lower than last year).

Additional cost and plan information is broken out below. For media inquiries, please contact Data is available in state-level aggregates for categories shown here for states where HealthSherpa offers ACA-subsidized policies.

HealthSherpa Volume (11/1/22 – 2/9/23)

HealthSherpa lives: 5 million     ⬆️  52% over PY 2022

Top States: FL, TX, GA, NC, SC

Costs & subsidies

Percentage claiming a subsidy: 97.26%     ⬆️  1.31% over PY 2022

Median Net Premium: $2.55     ⬇️ $18.38 from PY 2022  

Median Subsidy: $647.83     ⬆️  $8.83 from PY 2022

Percent enrolled in $0 plans: 47%     ⬆️  56.66% from PY 2022


*HealthSherpa data from November 1 through January 15, 2023 unless otherwise stated. Data listed represent federal marketplace states only and are accurate to +/- 5%. Comparisons represent percent change over data Plan Year 2022 OEP November 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022.

(1) CMS confirmed February 8, 2023 that total ACA enrollments grew 13% between 2022 and 2023 OEP.

(2) CMS Newsroom Report January 2023




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