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Joe Rogan Blasted for Being “Intentionally Dumb” on Jon Jones PED Allegations; MMA Analyst ‘Disgusted’ at Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Podcast

Joe Rogan has often found himself in the middle of controversies. And it has happened again as an MMA analyst, who goes by the moniker ‘The MMA Guru’, bashed the UFC color commentator for an error. Things got pretty hot when Rogan seemingly acted dumb about Jon Jones’ PED allegations. The MMA Guru simply did not like it.

Jones was previously tested positive for banned substances on more than one occasion. The entire fighting community went into speculation mode with the news. However, Rogan was apparently oblivious to that. And when ‘The MMA Guru’ found out about it, he couldn’t stop himself from getting enraged.

YouTuber bashes Joe Rogan over Jon Jones’ PED use


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In episode #159 of the JRE MMA Show, Rogan sat together with Quinton Jackson for a long conversation. One of the topics that the duo talked about was PED use in the sporting world and then stumbled upon Alistair Overeem. Therein, ‘Rampage’ admitted that he wanted to see Overeem fight Jones. As any other fight fan would do, Rogan sided together with the former UFC fighter. However, he later said, “But if, if again you let him fight enhanced because the difference between him enhanced and unenhanced, he became an average fighter.” 

In his reaction video on YouTube, The MMA Guru unleashed all hell on Rogan. He simply did not approve of Rogan thinking ‘Bones’ was natural when Overeem was still in the game. He deemed Jones to be the “man with the most high-profile amount of failed performance-enhancing dr*g tests in UFC history.” But then Jackson pointed out that Jones was enhanced at that time, as well. To this, Rogan asked, “So you think Jon was enhanced?”

This further infuriated the YouTuber. He commended Jackson for correcting Rogan. But soon after, claimed that the JRE host was just acting dumb. As per The MMA Guru, it was indeed intentional. He said, “The dumbness of that question from Joe Rogan at this point, 2024, Joe Rogan, an expert on MMA, has just said, ‘You think Jon was enhanced?’ When I show you the information that Derek from More Plates More Dates gave Joe Rogan about Jon Jones’ PED use… This question from Rogan is insanely dumb. He’s being so intentionally dumb about this. It disgusts me.”

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Previously, when Derek Munro from MPMD appeared on JRE, he revealed that Jones’ testosterone levels and the ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone were completely out of place, back when he fought Daniel Cormier. That was the reason the fight between ‘Bones’ and DC was overturned. However, Joe Rogan also had another take on USADA. But this wasn’t the only thing that the MPMD host said. Let’s find out what he told Rogan.


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Another YouTuber revealed the reality of Jones’ PED use on JRE

Munro appeared on the JRE, a couple of years ago and revealed what he thought about Jon Jones’ PED use. After pointing out the erratic testosterone levels in his body while fighting Cormier, Munro revealed that Jones’ testosterone levels were pretty low. He disclosed that a normal man would have 60 plus units of testosterone in his urine, while Jones had a number somewhere around 4. The only explanation for that was the use of a suppressant.


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Munro said, “If you have a drug that is suppressing your system, the drug you are taking presumably is what’s driving your performance vectors that you deem useful enough to use in competition. So hypothetically, like all those athletes in Russia or whatever using turinabol, you’re going to have some suppression of your testosterone levels which, on paper, could inhibit performance but you’re using the drug to drive performance.”

Yet, after all the discussion, Rogan acted as if he was oblivious to it all. Without a doubt, it had The MMA Guru in a heated stance. What are your thoughts on Rogan’s quotes? Do you side with The MMA Guru in his take? Let us know in the comments below.



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