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Love, Coherency and Power – Santa Cruz Ayurveda

Please enjoy the following excerpt from our upcoming book! Manish Chandra, our in-house Ayurvedic doctor is coauthoring it. The following is from Chapter 27: Intention, Coherency and Power. ♡ Read to see why it’s fitting for Valentine’s Day. 

Choosing Love

Love opens the way home.

“To thine own self be true and it shall follow as the day does the night

that thou can not then be false to any man.”   

— Polonius, Shakespeare

Our compassion and our own ability to choose to love all aspects of ourselves and our world (instead of judging them) determines how rapidly we can move back into integration, the present moment and coherence. Increasing coherence brings increasing integration of all aspects of personality and soul thus brings the increasing ability to be at cause in our lives.

Freeing Choice

Love is the single most magnetizing force of free choice. Love frees our choice to be directed by our Spirits. Fear warps free choice away from the alignment with the evolutionary directives of our Spirits. Love heals fear. Love makes whole all it embraces. It dissolves the urgent impulse to control what arises from fear. Love knows no bonds, no barriers, no conditions. True love is not a feeling by which we are overwhelmed. It is a process of awakening attention and making conscious committed choices. Within the infinite power of pure love, there is no pain or sorrow, no lack or limitation. Love is the single greatest source of forgiveness.

Pure love is perhaps the most powerful force in all existence. It transcends time and space and unifies us with what we experience. It is a living force that awakens higher purpose to all who open to it. Pure love is a creative force that is always causative – constructive and beneficial. Pure love dispels all darkness and separation. Negativity, judgment and discord cannot exist in its presence.

Coherency and the Evolution of Consciousness

Self-awareness arises from a shift in perception from being “other-directed” (e.g. outside authority) to realizing the self-referencing and unitive source-based experience of the higher Self. The heart is the access point for such a perceptual shift.

Recent research indicates that the electrical/electromagnetic potentials of the heart, as measured using a standard electrocardiogram, can be used to characterize the increasingly coherent frequency signature patterns associated with positive emotional states, i.e. love and appreciation.[1] Coherent, heart-focused intention neutralizes negative emotional states, i.e. fear and anger, facilitating self-empowerment. In addition to this electromagnetic domain, the energetic field of the heart can be modeled as a toroid and described as a quantum potential field existing beyond four-dimensional space/time. Current research in this area hypothesizes that the intuitive field around the heart is analogous to the mind field around the brain.


Love is the energy of connectedness; it is the energy of relatedness. It connects us with ourselves, our intuitive flow and our inner guidance. It connects us with life and the world around us. Connecting is a spiritual activity of experiencing and recognizing the already existing order. The ordering is the connectedness of all things.

Love is the access energy for connecting. The heart is the access point and the center of love. Accessing the wisdom of the heart births the guidance from within. This guidance enables us to transform. We may choose each moment to live our truths in accordance with universal order and in harmony with nature. Perceiving through the heart deepens intuitional clarity and higher creativity as fundamental tools in personal and social development, business, etc.

Love like learning to be present, manifests in stages. It is a power that we cultivate by conscious discrimination. Like the power of our will, the more we choose love the easier it is to choose it again. The quality of love we experience relates to where our attention is predominantly directed through the seven chakras:

  • Tribal love – First chakra relates to family or group identity.
  • Partnership love – Second chakra love relates to developing the bonds of friendship and bonds with a significant other
  • Material Love -Third chakra love includes material objects, profession, personal and physical acquirements.
  • Love in the internal world – Fourth chakra love is non-local and beyond space and time. It is unconditional love.
  • Fifth chakra love is transpersonal love
  • Sixth chakra love is divine love
  • Seventh chakra love is universal being.

Love provides the coherency and power to live most efficiently and enables us to pursue the energy of the whole, which is unconditional love. Love is the experience of aliveness. It is the energy of life. Love is a consciously maintained attitude of quantum energy radiation that can be scientifically measured on life systems. Love is the way we can choose to effect our evolution.

According to the ancient Greeks, love was described as polymorphic, having the following forms:

  • philia = friendship;
  • eros = originally eros referred to love of the good but today connotes desire and romantic love;
  • storge – family love;
  • koinonia – community love;
  • agape – altruistic love.

Love is the very energy of relatedness. Its nature is to unite. In its essence love is the spiritual fire. It is the inscrutable presence by which the soul is connected through the heart into physicality. It enables us to experience our source and our interconnectedness with all life. It is the way and access code that will enable us to move into the next phase of our evolution.




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