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Meet Dirish Shaktidas – Blog

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hey, I’m Dirish Shaktidas, and I am a Trainer, Business Wellness Coach, Mentor, and the proud author of “Chakrasize Your Life.” I’m based in the hustle of London, where I’ve spent a solid 15 years navigating the realms of movement, mindfulness, and business. Throughout this journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with loads of amazing individuals.

I’m the founder behind Euphoria Yoga Dance Training and Trailblaze Business Coaching, on a mission to help awesome individuals like you find your groove and level up your life and business. I’ve picked up nuggets of wisdom from teachers and masters all over the globe, blending it with the magic of the chakras, astrology and card readings to tap into your highest potential.

By combining the chakra system into both life and business, I’ve witnessed some pretty extraordinary transformations – think clarity, stability, growth, and those mind-blowing quantum shifts! You might have even spotted my work in like Selfridges, WeWork, The Shard, Lululemon, OmYoga & Wanderlust TV.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Starting the day with connecting into my body on how it wants to move and start with some breathing exercises and a short yoga exercise.Then

 setting some powerful intentions and goal planning. Going to some scenic areas to get my inspiration active to start the day. Getting my creative juices flowing as I design my upcoming programs, trainings. Working with my one to one clients and leading my classes. Drinking my favorite chai lattes, and getting down into a dance class! 

How did your yoga journey begin and what inspired you to become a yoga teacher

The tradition yoga has  always been rooted in me from an early age. I grew up with the philosophy of yoga always around me, but i didnt know it was yoga until I took my first yoga class in a gym and I was hearing so much ssanskirt that it was linking back to my culture. I was travelling in south east asia and I stumbled upon a yoga retreat. Thats when everything changed. I was working in fashion and design and was getting burnt out. Yoga really put me back into balance. I was a stiff in my body, closed and shy. This retreat showed me the possibility of who I get to be. Having the space to breathe, stretch into my body, learn myself was groundbreaking for a 20 something year old me. I made the decision when I returned back to the UK I was going to change my lifestyle, eliminate the toxic people, food and environments I was in. And I started attending yoga, dance and meditation classes. Attending classes progressed into being asked to take a teachers training. I graduated and started teaching yoga dance and leading sound baths, and I have never looked back!

What inspired you to specialize in your practice?

The reconnection to the philosophy of yoga, mantra, meditation. This had always seemed alien to me growing up as no one in my family could articulate these ancient wisdoms. I was particularly interested in the chakras. The mystery of the spinning colourful wheels, that held their own inner worlds in them. Ikpet coming across them in yoga, dance, and my reiki trianings. I became more intrigued that the chakras were the system I was invested to learn more about and how to understand working with my energy.  

How have you seen yoga benefit your students?

In profoundly impactful ways! Witness transformations ranging from enhanced physical confidence to internal shifts, fostering more openness in the heart and increased bodily strength. Experience the calming of minds and the release of energy, resulting in a lighter, more relaxed, and luminous presence.

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

“Keep on Moving- mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically. We cant afford to stay stagnant, we have to evolve to serve and elevate where we are and who we are for a better world.” 

What’s coming up for you in 2024?

  • The official launch of my book Chakrasize Your Life: 7 Steps to dancing your inner wisdom
  • Euphoria Yoga Dance Teacher Training in April 2024
  • Trailblaze Wellness Business Coaching program Spring 2024
  • Yin Yoga Training & Immersion Summer/Autumn 2024
  • Light up your life Retreat in Spain November 2024



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