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Merthyr to remember clubmate Alex

Members of MAN v FAT Merthyr’s community will come together on Saturday 2nd March to remember former clubmate Alex Meek (pictured centre, above).

Alex was a popular member of the MAN v FAT Merthyr club, but sadly passed away at the end of 2023.

His Merthyr teammates will take on the players and friends of Heolgerrig Red Lions CFC U14s, the club where Alex was a coach.

Ahead of the match on March 2nd, in aid of mental health charity Signposted Cymru, we caught up with Ffion Enoch, who is at the heart of organising the event in Alex’s memory.

1) How much of an impression did Alex make during his time with MAN v FAT?
Everyone says it, but Alex truly was one of a kind, a funny, gentle soul with a heart of gold and one hell of a right foot, and didn’t we all know it! Alex was easily the best player on the pitch at any given time, backed up by his experience playing for Wales and various local clubs including Heolgerrig, where he coached (though he sneakily kept this experience a secret from many at MAN v FAT).

Alex made a huge impression on the pitch, unknowingly trademarking his own name, as whenever he shot from the half way line there would be a collective “Meek!” cheered from the crowd.

Though perhaps more importantly, was the impact he made off the pitch. Alex shared his Friday nights with some of his best friends, often staying behind after the game to chat, have a pint or be a listening ear for anyone who needed it.

Alex would go out of his way to check in on people and to provide extra support where it was needed. He would often check in on his team-mates through the week which undoubtably helped many of our members through some very difficult times.

Though ever-modest, Alex never revealed how much he was helping each individual as trust, loyalty and integrity were some of Alex’s key values and we didn’t find out about many of these acts of kindness until after he had passed.



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