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Optum and Providence bid farewell to Anthem’s Individual Health Insurance

Optum and St. Joseph Providence Health will terminate their health maintenance organization (HMO) agreements with Anthem Blue Cross effective January 1, 2024. As a result, Optum and Providence Health will no longer be part of the Anthem Blue Cross Commercial Pathway HMO Exchange Network starting January 1, 2024. This only affects Anthem’s Individual market.

Members who are currently enrolled with the Optum and Providence Health medical groups listed below will be transferred to participating medical groups. You should’ve received notifications from Anthem about these changes.

optum and providence

The following medical groups are leaving Anthem’s Pathway HMO Exchange Network:

  • Epic Health Plan, Inc. (Z58)                              
  • Optum – Harbor (0UL)                                                     
  • Optum – Willow (0P0)                                                     
  • Optum Care Network-Arta Health (0WL)     
  • Optum Care Network-Monarch (0UW)                       
  • Optum Care Network-Northridge (0DF)                      
  • Optum Care Network SGV/GLEN/BEV (69U)  
  • Optum Care Network AppleCare Select (ZUD)          
  • Optum Care Network Desert Cities (0MY)     
  • Optum Care Network-Southwestern Valley (0HY)
  • Optum Care Network-Citrus Valley (ABK)
  • Optum Care Network-Corona (0LJ)
  • Optum Care Network-Inland Valley (0TX)
  • Optum Care Network-Moreno Valley (0NN)
  • Optum Care Network-Moreno Valley (0NN)
  • Optum Care Network-Redlands (0UA)
  • Optum Care Network-Riverside (0LH)
  • Optum Care Network-San Bernardino (ABJ)
  • Optum-0T2-Member Services Admin (0T2)
Providence Health
  • Axminster Medical Group (0Q1)     
  • Facey Medical Foundation (0N0)    
  • Mission Heritage Medical Group (AFN)        
  • Providence Affiliated Physicians Mission (0XL)         
  • Providence Affiliated Physicians St. Joseph (0WX)     
  • Providence Affiliated Physicians St. Jude (0DL)
  • Providence Saint John’s Medical Foundation (GWR)
  • St. Jude Heritage Medical Group (0RD)
  • St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group-Orange-Chapman (1BG)

New ID cards will be sent after you renew with Anthem for 2024. New ID cards will have listings of your new medical groups. Get yourself familiarized with your new medical group, because it will include different hospitals and specialists. You can utilize Find Care feature on the Sydney℠ Health app or to see the providers available to you.

We’ll make our best effort to find health plan options that fit your medical needs and budget. For this, it would be helpful if you shared with us your preferred doctor and hospital.

At Solid Health Insurance Services, we understand these decisions can be complex. Feel free to ?contact us or click here to schedule a meeting with me. In doing so, we can guide you in selecting a health plan, whether through Covered California or directly with insurance carriers. Finding a good solution that fits both your budget and medical requirements is our commitment.



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