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Ox Tails Improves Your Favorite Tire Sealant with Carbon Fiber Additive to Plug Leaks

Black Ox Ox Tails Sealant Additive package(Photos/Black Ox Sealant)

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Black Ox is a newer sealant company that we touched on back in 2020. Their sealant uses micro-carbon fiber particles contained within the latex-based sealant. Today they are releasing their new carbon fiber additive, Ox Tails.

Black Ox uses a proprietary formulation that uses carbon fiber to enhance the effectiveness of their natural latex-based tire sealant. They say it creates a sealant that is “damn-near bulletproof”.

The new Ox Tails additive is a special blend of treated carbon fibers. These fibers provide “the ultimate in puncture protection.” The fiber length, tow size, and bonding are optimized to maintain discrete plugs. This will help plug the larger holes.

Black Ox Ox Tails Sealant Additive in action
(Photos/Black Ox Sealant)

The fibers that are in the Ox Tails Sealant Additive are the perfect complement to the micro-fiber particles contained in all of the Black Ox Sealant products. But, Black Ox also urges you to give the OX Tails a try and add them to your favorite sealant.

Ox Tail Sealant Additive Retail and Instructions

Retail: $8.95

You can not install Ox Tails through the valve stem. Install 1-2 grames before your next gnar-fest for that extra added protection. Each packet contains 20 grams of fiber. Black Ox says that should be good for a minimum of 10-wheel setups.

Check out everything Black Ox has to offer by hitting the link below.



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