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Post-Covid Travel Is More Expensive Than Usual.

Are You Ready For A More Expensive Trip?

If you want to travel in post covid era then the travel expense is more expensive than you usually spend. With more travel precautionary measures,  travel expense is way more costly from test to mask. Everything is essential for traveling. The news that Singapore will welcome tourists from the Philippines from March 4 bodes well for many. One of the most popular summer destinations, Singapore has banned Filipino tourists for more than two years. Many people, myself included, are excited to rediscover ancient places or hop on a plane and be able to fly anywhere after COVID-19 severed our wings so long.

Before you pack, it’s a good idea to have your wallet ready for more than just airfare. Some may be accustomed to the extra cost of basic travel, but the new cost may surprise leisure travelers.

These are some of the extras that tourists have to pay to ensure a safer trip for everyone.

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Pre-Departure Covid-19 Test

Travelers must submit a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 to 72 hours before flight departure. A few months ago, it is to pay P5000 for it. These days, there are cheaper options, so be sure to shop for the best price. However, there are two things that shouldn’t be compromised.

(1) choose a DOH-approved test center (or you may have to retake the test, or worse, miss your flight),

(2) be guaranteed on 24-48 Posts within hours (could be cheap, but if the results are delayed, it’s another failed trip).

Travel Insurance

Admittedly, didn’t always check this box when checked out from airline bookings, but now pausing and looking at my options. Keep in mind the times and you will find that travel insurance is mandatory in many countries. For those of you who don’t need it, why not think twice before you say no. Because it might be a safer option for you? If possible, choose insurance that covers COVID-19. So that you can get the medical care you need without paying if you are unfortunate enough to contract it while abroad.

Test On Arrival And Possibly During Your Stay

It’s not that they don’t believe the test you took two or three days ago. It’s just that they want them to take the test again after you arrive in your destination country. and expect to pay for the test. For some countries, you can prepay for the online exam for a smoother immigration process. Depending on the length of your stay, you may need to retake the exam every few weeks or every month and be prepared to pay for it.

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Pack A Lot Of Masks

If you’re traveling with family and friends, it’s a good idea to have enough masks for everyone during your stay. Check to see if specific masks are required at the places you visit. You might be packing a cloth mask, or even a flashy designer mask, which is great for photos but can be frustrating if you’re not allowed in certain places.

Cancellation And No-Show Fees Are Also Back

Over the past two years, many airlines have waived rebooking fees and cancellation and no-show fees. As they realize the pandemic has changed many of our travel plans. A quick survey of airline websites shows that this is no longer the case. If you think your travel dates may change, it’s best to book a ticket that allows you to rebook and cancel at no or minimal charge.

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