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Shawnna lost 48 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Shawnna shares how she lost 48 pounds. She found her motivation, improved her blood pressure, and made walking part of her weekly routine. Check out her transformation journey.

Shawnna before and after weight loss

  • Starting weight: 200 pounds (191 when I photographed myself.)
  • Current weight: 152 pounds
  • Goal weight: 140-145?
  • Height: 5’5″

Social Media:
TikTok: mrswhite445
Instagram: @madame_blanche20

What was your motivation?
My starting weight, at my highest, was 200 pounds. I got tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. I began binge-watching success stories on YouTube about how people lost weight so I could do something to get back to someone I recognized.

When I took a photo of all my flab, I weighed 191 pounds. I decided the best way to hold myself accountable was to document it so I never let myself go again. I knew I was big, but when someone called me by someone else’s name and I wasn’t answering them, so they grabbed me by the shoulder. Then they realized, I wasn’t who they were looking for. When the person they were looking for came wobbling around the corner, I felt like that person was way bigger than me; however, we were actually about the same size. 

How did you take action?
I joined a gym and a “bet on yourself program” to lose weight. I began walking on the treadmill at a speed of 2.0 for no more than 15 minutes before I was tired. But I did it three days a week trying to go longer each time.

I don’t like running. If I’m being chased, I’m going to get caught because I ain’t running. I walk. Gradually, I increased my speed and incline until I got used to it. Now I can power walk at 3.5, but I’m still not going to run. (I’m older than most and my knees don’t like it much) 

I also fast and try to eat healthier. I talk about ADF [alternate day fasting] on my TikTok and Instagram. I’m not going todeprive myself or my husband of the things we enjoy, so I eat whatever I want one day a week (date night). I’m now working with a trainer to build muscle. I never thought I’d like exercising, but I really like it now.

Another bonus to losing the pounds is that I’m only on one blood pressure pill now. I used to take two. My doctor told me what to do, but I didn’t want to listen. When the medicine got too expensive, I decided that enough was enough. The next time the doctor saw me, I was determined to have him take me off the medicine. I work in dialysis, so I know what high blood pressure can do. I didn’t want to end up like that.

Today, I’m 152 pounds, and people tell me I look amazing and should stop losing weight. I’m not quite at a healthy BMI, but the scale honestly hasn’t gone down at all this year. Building muscle contours my body, so it looks like I’m still getting smalle,r I suppose. 

I mostly go to the gym now because it feels good after a hard day at work to sweat. I like wearing sweat-activated shirts for motivation. I’ve posted a few photos of myself wearing these shirts after a workout. They display a hidden message that only sweat can reveal, and that motivates me to exercise. [Editor Note: Here is an example of a sweat activated shirt. #sponsoredlink #amazon]

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
The biggest lesson I learned is that you cannot expect to lose weight every day or every week. Life happens. Even when you feel you have done everything right, your body can get used to what you’re trying to do.

Don’t give up when you feel you’ve hit a plateau. Don’t give up when you’ve had more than your share of a crab leg boil.When you go on vacation, that’s fine. You worked hard to get ready for it. Keep making sensible choices and continue to move your body.

Walking is free, highly effective, and you can walk in place. You don’t have to leave your house if you’re not ready to be in the world. You don’t need an accountability partner because some people will inadvertently sabotage you. Look to social media for inspiration and motivation and try something. I found amazing stories all over the internet. And it was all free information.

I just stayed consistent. You can take a day (or two or three) off from exercising, but it will be challenging to get back up at it. Just don’t give up entirely. Get a great playlist of music that makes you happy, and go for that walk. Walk during the commercial breaks of your favorite show. Don’t fast forward past them. Use that time to march. Before you know it, you’ve walked a mile. Don’t give up. Don’t worry if the scale doesn’t move, and don’t get on it so often. Once a week or less is fine.

I can go on for hours about my experience, but I’ll stop here. People can find my journey on social media and YouTube. 



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