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Supercharge your Cisco HIMSS24 experience

Cisco Customer Experience Healthcare Practice helps customers leverage the use of Cisco technology to increase business value, remove burdens and move healthcare forward faster.

Health systems face several challenges, including mountains of technical debt, staffing issues and resource constraints, manual and fragmented workflows, and often, a lack of access to holistic, real-time data insights. They need to address short-term burdens while thinking about long-term strategic changes to find clinical and operational efficiencies through new technology.  In short, technological improvement can’t wait for a slow week.

That’s why our Practice leverages Cisco’s strengths in security, network infrastructure and collaboration to improve health and business outcomes in hospitals, clinics, labs, and patient care settings. We know that you need change that is well thought out, well implemented, and well adopted. This year we will be back at HIMSS.

Here are 3 Reasons to meet with our Customer Experience healthcare team at HIMSS24:

  1. Learn how you can leverage our cutting-edge services in Zero Trust, Agile infrastructure, and Automation, enabling digital transformation.
  2. Discuss and view our latest AI Readiness Service which utilizes a structured framework to help healthcare organizations adapt and adopt AI capabilities in alignment with their organizational and technological goals.
  3. Learn how we utilized HIMSS INFRAM to help your peers accelerate decision-making, reshape how they plan, and build their future vision and evolve the use of INFRAM to inform technology roadmap to gain deeper insights into their technology application and how to put their future-facing infrastructure to enabling award-winning care.

I hope to see you there, for more information on Cisco’s presence at the show, click here.




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