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Swiss Side Adds Aero Optimized… Climbing Wheels?

Presumably, you’re riding to the climbs, and then also descending them, which helps justify the concept of aerodynamic climbing wheels. But also, maybe you just want a really lightweight, shallow set of road wheels (hand, raised).

For all that, the new Swiss Side Hadron2 and Pion2 wheelsets are the solution, with 30-38mm depths and weights as low as 1,305g for the set. Here’s the details and options…

Swiss Side Hadron2 Ultimate 380

swiss side hadron 380 ultimate aero climbing wheel.

With a 38mm rim depth and weights of 587g (front) and 718g (rear), and in total 1305g, the HADRON² Ultimate 380 is their lightest aero wheelset. The 20mm inner width is optimized for 25-29mm tires (compatible up to 64 mm tires, so… gravel?) using a tubeless clincher (not hookless) design.

It’s built DT Aerolite II spokes and 180 DICUT hubs with the ratchet EXP and SINC ceramic bearings. All modern freehub options available on all three wheel options.

Swiss Side Hadron2 Classic 380

swiss side hadron 380 classic aero climbing wheel.

Using the same rim profile but built with DT Swiss Aerocomp spokes and 370 hubs with the ratchet LN system, these weigh in at 662g (front) and 814g (rear) for a 1476g wheelset.

Swiss Side was a development partner on the new Continental Aero 111 tires, so for optimal aerodynamic performance, they recommend the
26mm AERO 111 tire on the front and a 28mm GP 5000 STR on the rear.

Swiss Side Pion2 300

swiss side pion 300 alloy aero climbing wheel.

For everyday training, the alloy Pion2 300 has a shallower 30mm depth and 22mm internal width. It’s shaped for the same general tire widths as the carbon Hadron models, but they recommend going with the wider 29mm front tire here, with a 28-30mm rear tire depending on your preference.

Claimed weights are 877g (front) and 1030g (rear) for a 1907g disc brake wheelset. A rim brake version is also available, and both are built with DT Aero comp spokes and 370 hubs with ratchet LN system.

Check their website for pricing…as of this post going live, all three are discounted off MSRP.



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