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Thinking Global Podcast – Dimitrios Stroikos

<br /> Thinking Global Podcast – Dimitrios Stroikos

This week on the Thinking Global Podcast, Dr. Dimitrios Stroikos chats with Kieran (⁠⁠⁠@kieranjomeara⁠⁠⁠) and Romanos (@rmnorph) on security in outer space, a ‘new space race’, the militarization of space, sovereignty in outer space, conflict in space, alongside China and India’s weapons capabilities in outer space.

Dimitros Stroikos (@DStroikos) is currently an LSE Fellow at The London School of Economics (@LSEIRDept @lseideas) in the Department of International Relations. He is head of the Space Policy project at LSE IDEAS and his research interests cover the global politics of outer space activities, space policy and space security, the international relations of the Indo-Pacific and Asian security, with particular reference to China and India. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Space Policy, and has recently published the article ‘Still Lost in Space? Understanding China and India’s Anti-Satellite Tests through an Eclectic Approach‘, a chapter entitled “China and India as rising powers and the militarisation of space”, and the article: ‘Space diplomacy? India’s new regional policy under Modi and the ‘South Asia Satellite’’.

Lastly, this week we have another ‘open letter challenge’. What is the role that collective memory plays in international relations? Our favourite entry will be read out on next week’s podcast episode. Just email your answers (300 words max) to: thinkingglobal.eir@gmail.com. Alongside that, we want to hear from you! Which Thinking Global Podcast episodes have you been listening to? Which articles on E-International Relations have you enjoyed reading? What are you currently publishing on? Send us your letters to the email listed above and have them read out on the podcast! If you enjoy the output of E-International Relations, please consider a ⁠donation⁠.

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