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We’re Investigating Mental Health Care Access. Share Your Insights. — ProPublica

About one in five people in the United States have a mental illness. Yet for many, accessing care can be extremely difficult. Our team of investigative reporters plans to spend the next several months digging into the reasons behind these persistent issues.

To identify and report important stories, we need to hear from people throughout the mental health care system. Those we’ve spoken to so far have shared details about common problems. Many seeking care can’t find a provider or program with availability, with some waiting months — or even years — to get the care they need. Meanwhile, insurance companies have refused to pay for necessary care while those in crisis often land in overcrowded emergency rooms. On top of that, systemic pressures can cause providers to misdiagnose patients, especially women and people of color.

Now, we want to go deeper, by gathering the perspectives of the people who know the country’s mental health system best.

Mental health care providers have already begun sharing the challenges they face in trying to get patients the treatment they need, from barriers to joining or staying in an insurance network to navigating low reimbursement rates. We would like to connect with as many of you as possible in order to identify themes and patterns in this space.

We also hope to hear from others who know intimately how the mental health care system operates, like those who work in behavioral health wings at insurance companies or independent medical review organizations. Please fill out the form below if you have worked, or currently work, as a medical director, actuary or network manager or have any other insider insight to share.

And if you have tried to navigate this system, either by yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member, we hope to learn from you too. Your insights help us understand the consequences of the structure and delivery of mental health care today.

Our team may not be able to respond to everyone personally, but we will read everything you submit. We appreciate you sharing your story, and we take your privacy seriously. We are gathering these stories for the purposes of our reporting and will contact you if we wish to publish any part of your story.

We are the only ones reading what you submit. If you would prefer to use an encrypted app, see our advice at You can also email our reporting team. You can fill out the form below or at



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