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You are what you eat!

“To fix the brain, we first fix the gut” is a saying in Ayurvedic texts. In today’s world, it is relevant that we reboot the digestive system once in awhile and restore it with healthy microbes (gut flora). All people can benefit from healing the gut to optimize digestion and prevent illness.

Habits are hard to break. Over time we become comfortable with them, which may or may not serve us in the long term. Due to ingrained habits with foods and lifestyle, we tend to accumulate certain conditions that can be detrimental to our health. Fortunately, habits are learned and can therefore change to heal from the root of the problems rather than just putting a bandaid on the symptoms.

How do you reboot the digestive system with healthy microbes (gut flora)?

A healthy gut can benefit the whole system. Our 6-month protocal can help with an array of important functions of the body. Healthy gut flora has been shown to:

  • Optimize digestion
  • Prevent illness
  • Improve acne
  • Remedy skin disorders
  • Remedy food allergies
  • Alleviate autoimmune problems
  • Remedy digestive issues, including constipation and IBS
  • Alleviate metabolic disorders
  • Prevent mood swings
  • Prevent sluggish energy
  • Stabilize cravings
  • Support healthy weight
  • Remedy sleep disorders
  • Remedy symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • Support feminine health and menstrual cycle 

Check out our website to see some of our success stories and client reviews.

In Ayurveda, everything revolves around gut health. Modern medicine is now showing incredible research into the gut as the source of thousands of diseases. Ayurveda, for 5,000 years, has shown how to heal through looking at an individual’s gut health. Gut microbes are the powerhouse of everything from the production of energy to healthy immunity. Ayurveda is now a focus of research on health conditions related to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, and many more.

The microbiome (the gut and its array of microorganisms) is completely dependent on what it is fed.

This is why Ayurveda, for thousands of years, has proven to heal not only through what you eat, but more importantly, what you digest. The gut is where food first begins to be broken down to become useful to your body. With the help of what in Ayurveda we call Agni (digestive fire), food is broken down so the nutrients can be assimilated into every cell of the body.

Our Six Month Gut Healing Protocol

Our goal is to restore the natural harmony in the gut so that we can have more energy, radiance, and vitality in life.

How does it work?

In the first two months we focus on detoxification using food and herbs (based on your individual body type) that aid in removal of accumulated Ama (toxins) from the body. We then focus on restoration of healthy microbes (gut flora) for the next two months. Finally, we work on rejuvenation for the the last two months.

  • Once monthly in-person or over zoom Ayurvedic consultation
  • Once monthly Ayurvedic massage (Abhayanga) for an hour (optional)
  • Personalized recipes sent out biweekly
  • Support during the protocol other than monthly visits via phone and email
  • Meditation, yoga, and pranayama  (breathing) instructions
  • Monthly Ayurvedic cooking classes (optional)

How much does it cost?

OPTION A (with massages): $400 per month for six months or $ 2100 if paid in full up front ($300 discount)

OPTION B (without massages and cooking classes): $1800 if paid in full ($300 discount) or $350 per month if paid monthly

How do we get started?

First make an appointment for an initial consultation during which we can decide together if the 6 Month Gut Healing Protocol is a good fit. If it is, we can roll the cost of the initial consultation into the plan.

You’re welcome to reach out to our office with any questions.

Navigate to “Gut Healing Protocol” on our website if you’d like to sign up.



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