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Cheap and Cheerful: 10 Ways to Enjoy Easter in Europe

With the Easter holidays on the horizon and having experienced it in numerous ways, here are my favorite ten budget-friendly ways to maximize your time – and money – in Europe in late March and April.

1. Cycling Enthusiasts – Are You Familiar with EuroVelo Routes?

Over 90,000 km and 17 routes crossing Europe from north to south and east to west endorse this network of conditioned paths for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy to the fullest.

Combine it with stays at campsites in southern Europe carrying an individual tent that fits in your saddlebags or rooms in private homes if you venture into more northern areas, where it may still be cold at night.

For an improved experience, be sure to check out Warm Showers. Although based in Colorado, USA, this collaborative economy network is global and 100% intended for cyclists. And don’t forget to read our bikepacking guide. You’ll love it!

2. Winter Sports Enthusiasts – The Alps Await

The French, Italian, and Swiss Alps are among the places in Europe that extend the winter season the most, making it highly likely that while other ski resorts at lower altitudes or warmer latitudes are about to close, you can still find quality snow to spend a few days – or a week, the typical length of an Alps vacation – skiing.

These resorts, including Val d’Isère, Tignes, and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France; Zermatt, Verbier, and St. Moritz in Switzerland, and Courmayeur and Cervinia in Italy, often capitalize on the accumulated snow during winter to extend the skiing season well into April and even May in some cases.

Best of all, prices tend to be more affordable than in previous months because the quality of the snow is lower (known as spring snow prevailing from midday), and although they make efforts with snow cannons and artificial snow, they usually do not offer the same skiable kilometers as during the peak winter season.

However, this extended season provides a unique opportunity for skiing enthusiasts to enjoy the slopes in a more relaxed atmosphere, often with fewer crowds and more budget-friendly rates for accommodations and lift passes. So, if you’re looking for a late-season skiing adventure, these Alpine destinations offer an enticing option to prolong your European winter fun.

3. Culture, History, and Events – Central Europe by Train

The main cities of central Europe begin to awaken after the winter lethargy, and with spring, a multitude of events start that seek to bring residents and tourists to the streets and green spaces. No matter the destination, the European train network is one of the best in the world and will get you closer to the center of the liveliest cities in each European country you decide to visit.

Combine two or three with a Eurail / Interrail pass to taste the differences at a modest price. Once there, you can stay in hostels or try house swapping to save even more.

4. Easter and Holy Week – Vibrant Traditions in the South

Andalusia in Spain and Sicily in Italy are two of the European regions where Holy Week is most lived and celebrated. Of Catholic tradition, if you have never witnessed the processions, steps, images, brotherhoods, and other events around this religious holiday, and if curiosity gets the best of you, we recommend that you don’t leave it for next year and get closer to experiencing them firsthand.

However, don’t wait and book your accommodation as soon as possible. Wherever the most significant ones gather, hotels fill up.

5. Road Tripping – Van Relocations and More

During these dates, it usually happens that the main European camper and motorhome companies (like two of our favorites, Indie Campers, and Roadsurfer) offer ridiculously low prices (from as little as €1 per day through the Imoova platform or €99 for a week in the second case in the so-called Roadsurfer Rally) for one-way trips between some of their European locations.

I can’t think of better ways to live a van life experience practically for free (additional costs include only gasoline, tolls, and ferries – which are rarely included) while visiting some of Europe’s greatest tourist destinations.

6. Seeking Warmth – Southern and Sunny Europe

A few months ago, we published a guide to the best European destinations to escape the winter cold and enjoy pleasant temperatures in Europe.

Well, if what you want is to ensure good weather or have extremely high chances of synthesizing vitamin C while basking in the sun, don’t forget to jot down our preferences: Malta, the Canary Islands, and Andalusia are amazing in spring. And Easter is always a good time to visit them.

7. Hiking Aficionados – Footpaths and Trails Across Europe

By now, you’ve surely heard of the Camino de Santiago, the network of paths originating from different points around the world (especially in Europe) that have Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, as their final destination (where we have our base!). Well, let me tell you that these famous pilgrimage routes are by no means the only ones that cross the old continent.

Leaving aside the famous Tour de Mont Blanc, Dolomites, or the Julian Alps for the summer, some of the best options for these dates would be the Via Francigena or the Blue Path through Cinque Terre, in Italy; the Rota Vicentina in the Portuguese Alentejo, or the iconic Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, which promises lower temperatures but are bearable as they run alongside the coast.

8. Surf and Yoga – Retreats Made in Heaven

Fuerteventura, in the Spanish Canary Islands, or the Portuguese Algarve are two of the places where you can enjoy everything that camps, clinics, and retreats offer, combining the practice (from beginner to advanced) of water sports such as surfing or kitesurfing with relaxation and stretching of disciplines such as yoga.

A wonderful way to make the most of your time and money, enjoying a few days in dreamy locations by the sea.

9. Workcations – For Those Who Can’t Unplug

How does it sound to move your base for a few days or weeks to some of the favorite destinations of digital nomads in Europe?

There are plenty to choose from, and they are usually cities prepared to welcome you and your remote work needs for a while so you don’t have to worry about anything once you land. Full of coworking spaces and apartments or colivings for short or medium-term stays, if you haven’t tried workcations, this period is usually perfect for doing so.

Good weather, lower prices, and fewer tourists are a winning combination.

10. Need Peace? – Disconnect in the Countryside

From agritourism in Italy to rural getaways in Spain or traditional chambres d’hotes in France, passing through countless other accommodation options in the middle of nature; spending a few days completely disconnected from the world, turning off your phone, and simply enjoying the quiet life and its little pleasures are for many the idea of ultimate happiness.

Before starting the second quarter of the year, stop and recharge. Spring is waiting!

What destinations or plans would you add to this list? Join the discussion on Social Media.



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