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Discova Launches Kaura Learning Centre in Bali to Transform Local Lives Through Education

As a leading global DMC, Discova prides itself on enabling sustainable travel that ultimately benefits local communities and the planet. We are mindful of curating unique, memorable experiences for our customers that are respectful towards diverse cultures in the destinations we operate and aid in the development of disadvantaged regions. 

In that vein, we are ecstatic to announce the launch of the Kaura Learning Centre, in the village of Manggis in East Bali, where we provide educational opportunities to both children and adults to improve the overall literacy of the community in line with their current social and economic needs. 

Kaura itself was born as an immersive village experience to elevate and support the sustainable growth of Manggis while offering exceptional accommodation in Bali away from the tourism hotspots. And the new Community Hub at the Kaura Learning Centre highlights our continued commitment towards empowering the local community through education and skill-building initiatives.   

Since the centre’s inception in January this year, 96 students who attend primary and high school in the area have enrolled for our weekly English classes and Discova also runs a focused six-month place-based learning curriculum that allows children to build a deep connection to their surroundings and promotes a holistic understanding of their community’s heritage and environment.  

Additionally, to help bolster the confidence and knowledge of the Manggis women who manage an organic farm and run cooking classes for Kaura guests, we host bi-weekly English classes at the Community HubThese sessions are designed to help the local women articulate their tremendous culinary skills and knowledge to visitors while contributing to their self-development.  



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