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Georgia Organics’ Anti-Racism Audit — The Dirt

In March of this year, we will receive a report primarily composed of recommendations that we will work to implement in the coming months.

Becoming anti-racist is a commitment that this organization made before I arrived and one that I wholeheartedly support. We live and work on land that has been impacted by racism since the mid-1600s. Since its founding, Georgia Organics has worked with farmers whose livelihood has been impacted by racism. We owe it to them – and to ourselves – to do all that we can to break the cycle of white supremacy and racism. This audit is an important step in that direction.

I am committed to this process, personally and professionally. I know that this process of becoming who we need to be may not be easy, but I also know that the result will be a stronger Georgia Organics. I promise all of you that this audit will not just sit on a shelf but that the suggestions and opportunities it presents will be taken seriously, they will be implemented, and together we will find a way to not just be allies but accomplices in the work of anti-racism.

Friends and supporters, we are in this together.


Alexis Chase

Executive Director



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