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How to Skim Stock and Bone Broth

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The easiest method for skimming a pot of stock or bone broth which significantly improves the flavor for the best-tasting base to use with your traditional soup recipes.

skimmed broth in white stockpot

I’ve written many posts about bone broth and meat stock on this blog since 2009.

As I recall, I’ve never written an article specifically about the best way to skim foam from a stockpot as it’s first coming to a boil.

Sometimes, removing the foam can be a bit tedious, as many of you have no doubt noticed!

Removing as much of these off-flavors as you can is important to achieve the best-tasting result!

This is a critical step that is often skipped.

Whether you are making stock as a base for other recipes or just want some homemade sippin’ broth, smart cooks will take the time to skim.

When it comes to skimming stock and broth, a large slotted stainless steel utensil works best as suggested by the cookbook Nourishing Traditions.

For years, I used a large slotted spoon (like this one), but a few years ago, I came across an even better tool.

It’s literally called a skimmer! This is the model I use.

Using this tool, I am able to skim the foam off meat stock much more quickly.

It works great for my large Vitaclay as well when I’m making a long-cooked bone broth.

Cleaner Meat = Less Foam

By the way, using commercial chicken from the supermarket to make broth produces such a large amount of foam and impurities that you will likely be convinced that buying local (or at least organic) is a far better use of your food dollars going forward!

The cleaner and better quality meat you use, the less foam and other impurities you will have to skim off!

Since I make two pots of stock and/or broth almost every week, any time savings in the kitchen is a welcome one, I can assure you.

Whatever skimming tool you choose, be sure it is stainless steel.

Never ever use plastic or silicone utensils with boiling hot broth! These types of tools could add a dose of toxins with your otherwise healthy traditional dish.

Tip: Vitaclay is a great tool for quick thawing meat when you need to make broth in a hurry (the picture below is my stoneware Vitaclay). Put the frozen meat in the pot covered with filtered water and set the timer to “warm” for 30 minutes to an hour! This is a much healthier method than thawing meat in the microwave!

stoneware Vitaclay set to warm to thaw frozen meat for skimmed broth

How to Skim Broth or Stock Quickly

My niece is learning how to make meat stock right now. Since we live at a distance, I filmed this short clip to text her as a visual demonstration of how to remove the foam.

Her response? “I NEED THAT TOOL!”


I hope you find this traditional tip helpful and that it makes your efforts in ancestral food preparation just a bit easier as it has mine 🙂

skimmed broth in a white stockpot


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