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Why 3 sets of 10 is ok for your patients!

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Prescribing 3 sets of 10 sets for exercises has received a lot of criticism in recent years but it can be effective for developing strength and hypertrophy providing the load is sufficient. Recent research has shown we can develop strength using a variety of rep ranges so it may be less about the numbers and more about effort and consistency.

That brings me to an important point and a big reason why 3 sets of 10 reps still has a role – simplicity. Patients are more likely to do their rehab if it’s simple and easy to follow. If they’re not sure what to do, they won’t do it! 3 sets of 10 is easy to remember and easy to do.

When you consider that a recent study in runners found that less than 30% were highly compliant with their exercises it really highlights the importance of using an approach that patients can understand and stick to!

In my opinion, the problem with 3 x 10 is when it’s at a level where a patient can easily do far more than 10 reps. This won’t challenge them and it won’t change them! 3 sets of 10 rep max (or close to) is a different proposition. That will be challenging and much more likely to increase strength and muscle growth.

For many of our patients, they may not have much experience with strength work or understand what ‘rep max’ means. So again I favour a simple approach and suggest the exercises should be “tough at 10”. If it’s tough at 10 reps great, if not, make it harder! That way patients can progress independently by adding load or increasing range of motion.

3 sets of 10 can be valuable but it won’t be optimal for all. See the graphic below for 3 important provisos.

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